Monthly Archives: September 2011

“Cooperation without Borders”: North American Conference of Worker Cooperatives

This conference was held October 13 – 14-15, in Quebec City, and tackled a broad range of issues. An especially exciting outcome was the launch of the North American sub-region of CICOPA-Americas, the international association of worker cooperatives – hence the theme: “cooperation without borders.” I facilitated a well-attended workshop on ‘the emerging role of social enterprises in the economy.’ Follow the links from the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation website.

Business Succession and Employee Ownership Conference

Over October 11 – 13 in Quebec city, the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation and Le Reseau de la cooperation du travail du Quebec (and respective partners) held an international conference. I participated in the discussions with keen interest — succession planning being one of my current key concerns. It is critical that we offer employee ownership options in one of its forms when there is no obvious successor in private enterprise.

Law, Philanthropy and Social Enterprise

On September 21st, I attended the full-day conference held in Winnipeg, focusing on law, philanthropy and social enterprise. The conference brought together American, British and Canadian speakers who discussed legal and financing issues for social enterprises. It was wonderful to see the business and legal sector paying attention to our field, and it bodes well for future collaborations