Monthly Archives: September 2012

Management and Financial Administration in Community and Aboriginal Organizations

This is a Urban and Inner City course (UIC 2030) cross listed in Business (BUS 2030) as well as in Indigenous is Studies (IS 2030). I am currently teaching this course in the Fall term at the University of Winnipeg. The course on Social Enterprise that I developed and taught in the Business Faculty during the the 2012 winter term is scheduled again for the 2013 winter term and is already full (40 students).

Canadian Model Forest Network, AGM, Steady Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador

CMFN is a charitable non profit organization with 14 member organizations across Canada. They are celebrating their 20 th anniversary as an organization. Faced with current cutbacks in federal funding, CMFN needs to increase the earned revenue portion of their budgets. I will be presenting earned revenue strategies and conducting workshops on idea generation and evaluation, enterprise models including social enterprise as well as marketing strategies during their AGM September 26 & 27 on the east coast of Newfoundland.