About Marty Donkervoort, MBA

I am passionate about changing lives, changing communities and changing businesses. As a long-time participant in the social enterprise and cooperative fields, I have worked all across Canada, using business tools to help promote more social justice. Most recently, as General Manager of Inner City Renovation in Winnipeg, I led an award-winning social enterprise in the construction and renovation field – an experience that has led me to a new focus on succession options for social enterprise in the private sector. I am active on the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, where I work with leading practitioners to help shape the national network. I am excited about sharing practical and theoretical knowledge with a new generation of university students at the University of Winnipeg’s School of Business as well as their Urban and Inner Cities Studies Program. For more information, you are welcome to download my full cv (Donkervoort CV, 6 pages) or my short  Marty Donkervoort biography

As a consultant, I am available to provide coaching and planning services to start-ups as well as established social enterprises.  I can provide resources for business plan development, the search for capital and operating support, and the implementation of structural changes. I am particularly keen to support succession planning, employee buyouts, and transitions from ‘conventional’ business models. You can contact me at Marty.Donkervoort[@]gmail.com

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