The fields of social enterprise and the social economy are growing rapidly, but it is sometimes hard to make connections across all the many frontiers of activity. On these pages, I will post or link to some of the resources I consider most valuable for those active in, or considering, social enterprise.

First, here are some of my own recent publications:

Loughheed, G. and M. Donkervoort. “Marketing Social Enterprise”Making Waves, Volume 20 Number 2, (2009) p. 16-19

Donkervoort, M. Success without Succession Making Waves, Volume 17, Number 3, (2006) p. 20-24

Donkervoort, M. “New Breed – Community Ownership Solutions & the For-Profit Approach to Community Economic DevelopmentMaking Waves, Volume 14 Number 2, ( 2003) p. 15-17

Second, here are some resources that are particularly useful:

• For those new to social enterprise: see The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide, (2nd Edition.) Published by Enterprising Non-Profits, and available for free download.

• For social enterprise practitioners: Social Enterprise Alliance, (2010). Succeeding at Social Enterprise: Hard-Won Lessons for Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs. Jossey-Bass Publication: San Francisco. (Click for information about ordering)

• For those considering a transition to social enterprise, or succession issues: Alter, Sutia Kim (200). Managing the Double Bottom Line: A Business Planning Reference Guide for Social Enterprises. Save the Children/PACT: Washington, DC (Available for free download from Virtue Ventures)

• For funders of social enterprise: Mook, Laurie, Jack Quarter, Betty Jane Richmond, (2003). What Counts: Social Accounting for Nonprofits and Cooperatives. Sigel Press: London, UK. (Click for information about ordering)

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