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2015 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise

The Social Enterprise Council of Canada and Pillar Nonprofit Network are proud to present the 2015 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise on April 22 – 24, 2015, in London, Ontario. This multi-day conference is an opportunity for practitioners, government, social investors and nonprofit organizations across Canada to come together and learn from leaders and members of the social enterprise community as they share first hand insights and “Tell Our Story.”

Canadian Conference of Social Enterprise Successes
• Fifth conference of Social Enterprise in Canada
• Forecasting over 500 attendees in 2015
• Held in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and now London

Social Enterprises are a positive response to complex social issues and driving force for local economic development.

Keynote: Women’s Economic Council national meeting Sept. 11, 2014

WEC is hosting a national conference in Toronto September 10 and 11. I have agreed to deliver the keynote address highlighting the opportunities and challenges related to starting social enterprises and other CED enterprises.

WEC is a non-profit national organization that supports women’s organizations and women in using CED (social enterprises; Co-operatives; business) to gain economic security for their organizations and themselves.

Video Series on Supported Social Enterprises in production in Winnipeg

A video on supported social enterprises is being produced in Winnipeg July 10 -13, 2014. The video is part of a project coordinated by the Social Economy Centre and the Centre for Learning, Social Economy and Work, both at University of Toronto.

The video is the second in a series of videos on social
enterprise for educational purposes. The first can be viewed at

Social Enterprises that will be featured in this video include ImagineAbility, B.U.I.L.D., Inner City Renovation, Aki Energy and Diversity Foods. The video should be available on the web in September 2014.

Entrepreneur Award Finalists – Shaun Loney

Shaun Loney, Executive Director, B.U.I.L.D is one of three finalists for the Ernst and Young, 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year (Prairie Region) Awards. He has been cited in the social entrepreneur category. BUILD is a social enterprise, non profit contractor in energy retrofits. It is a training program for people facing barriers to employment.