Social Enterprise Course at University of Winnipeg

“The Role of Social Enterprise in the Current Economy”course is once again offered at the Faculty of Business at the University Of Winnipeg.  The winter term in 2016 will be the fifth year since this course was introduced. Once again the course is fully subscribed (50 Students) with a long wait list.

The course objectives and learning outcomes: Social enterprises, with their multiple bottom lines (financial, social and/or environmental) and ultimate goal of creating a more egalitarian and just society, are playing an increasingly important role in the economy. This course is designed to examine the role of social enterprises, identify and assess different types, explore management issues unique to social enterprises, and measure their impacts. Challenges and opportunities unique to social enterprises will be explored. We will also critically analyze examples of social enterprises in Canada and elsewhere. A number of social entrepreneurs managing local social enterprises will provide guest presentations.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be familiar with social enterprises and their role in the current and future economy. Specifically students will have learned how conventional business management applies to social enterprises, where it differs and how.


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